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Keynote Understandings at ACCA Qualification

  1. ACCA exams take place all four quarters in a year i.e. March, June, September and December sittings .In a sitting students can attempt maximum of four exams and 8 exams maximum in a calendar year. ACCA course curriculum has three levels of subject papers, in each level students can attempt any paper in any order however as per standard ACCA qualification level wise paper sequences is advisable to appear.
  2. ACCA has some country wise subject paper variants for better understanding over their laws and tax rules and geographies of interest for students as workplace. There are registration fee, annual subscription fee and course curriculum subject papers fee categories in ACCA that students can refer to their portal.
  3. At the time of completing applied skill level students can also prefer to have BSc. (Hons.) degree in applied accounting from Oxford Brookes University. Completing applied skill level, ethics and professional skills module and pass, completing and submitting the research and analysis project to Oxford Brookes University students awarded BSc. (Hons) degree in applied accounting from Oxford Brookes University.
  4. ACCA affiliate, members can opt for MSc in professional accountancy from University of London. ACCA qualification eligibility ranging from HSC to undergraduates to graduates.
  5. There are some exemptions in ACCA qualification subject papers are allowable to students based on their present qualification at the time of making ACCA student registration process. Students can refer to ACCA qualification exemptions calculator on their portal for specific exemptions.

  1. ACCA has network of approved employers across the world aligned with ACCA recommended high professional and ethical practices at the workplace. ACCA has approved employers directory on their portal which students can refer to their working experience exposures and opportunities across the geographies. ACCA accountancy body have member recognition agreements for ACCA members with different country’s accountancy bodies to access membership of other professional accountancy bodies.

– AAA United Arab Emirates
– CA Australia and New-Zealand
– HKICPA Hong-Kong
– MICPA Malaysia

  1. ACCA has computer-based examinations (CBE) with exam centers across the world. ACCA students need to subscribe annual subscription fee in order to have their candidature or students status activate failing which their status stands inactive and they have to reregister for same irrespective of they are appearing any exams in that calendar year or not.
  2. Students have to pay an annual subscription fees due by 1 January each year to keep their student status active. If students apply to become a student (register) with ACCA on or before the late exam entry June deadline, they need to pay both their initial Registration fees and annual subscription fees, as they will be eligible to sit exams in June, September and December sessions. Students have to pay the annual subscription fees every year even if they are not planning to sit any exams in that calendar year. ACCA qualification generally consumes 2 to 3 years time duration in order to complete all subjects papers from applied knowledge level to strategic professional level, however allowable exemptions may shorten the journey.
  3. ACCA has significantly emphasized on IFRS international financial reporting standards which endorse the qualification is of global relevance. IFRS are the uniform practices to explain the organizations financial position and performance based on their respective financial statements across the international territories. ACCA has their job portal which Students can refer to and apply for relevant roles, they are striving any geographies of interest.
  4. ACCA has myACCA section that students after getting registered can access to and navigate to everything related from course curriculum to membership journey like book exam, pay fee, students support resources, experience documenting and many other support tools.