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Practical Experience Requirements

There is 36 months of practical experience is required in order to applying the learning’s into real time business scenarios to achieve the precise understanding of workplace and become an ACCA member. During this course of practical experience certain number of performance objectives are needed to be achieved, which validates that certain professional standards are achieved while on course of practical experience as per ACCA requirements.

Practical experience can be achieved in one continuous go or in parts of time duration before, during and afterwards of ACCA qualification course curriculum learning’s.

There are five essential performance objectives are needed to achieve.

  1. Ethics and professionalism
  2. Stakeholder relationship management
  3. Strategy and innovation
  4. Governance, risk and control
  5. Leadership and management

There are any four optional technical performance objectives out of 17 are needed to achieve.

Corporate and Business Reporting
  1. Record and process transactions and events
  2. Prepare external financial reports
  3. Analyze and interpret financial reports
Financial Management
  1. Evaluate investment and financing decisions
  2. Manage and control working capital
  3. Identify and manage financial risk
Management Accounting
  1. Evaluate management accounting systems
  2. Plan and control performance
  3. Monitor performance
  1. Tax computations and assessments
  2. Tax compliance and verification
  3. Tax planning and advice
Audit and Assurance
  1. Prepare for and plan the audit and assurance process
  2. Collect and evaluate evidence for an audit or assurance engagement
  3. Review and report on the findings of an audit or assurance engagement
 Advisory and Consultancy
  1. Business advisory
 Data, Digital and Technology
  1. Data analysis and decision support

After achieving the all nine performance objectives during on course of practical experience, same would be written in a statement to supervisor mentioning the stages of practical experience where such objectives are achieved.